Siam Flower 1985 Co.,Ltd. established in 1985, recognized as one of the biggest and most reliable Orchid Grower and Exporter in Thailand. We have brought out the beauty of Thai orchid to the people in every part of the world. Besides a large quantity of orchid flowers from our own farm, even more are cropped daily from another 200 contracted farms that we are working closely with. We have all varieties of orchid : Dendrobium, Aranda, Mokara, Oncidium, Aranthera, Vanda and etc. Apart from orchid flowers we also deal with leis, wild ranges of tropical and foliage. As the professional of Orchid Grower and Exporter, we know how to treat and keep them in best condition until received to our value customers. We do guarantee the Quality.


  Mr. Suwan Yukpan, 72 years old the Founder and President of
Siam Flower 1985 , started his first orchid farm in 1976 , supported by his wife “Boonyium Yukpan” who is familiar with growing tropical flowers. Suwan is one of the pioneer of orchid industry in Thailand. He and his old friends had developed many new hybrids of orchid presented to the world. Making the orchid lovers enjoy more of the varieties and colors.

     In the year 1999, he was granted the honorary degree in agricultural field for his works and effort that he has done to the Thai orchid industry.

     Nowadays, Suwan spends 3-4 days a week in his orchid farm. Even though he does not work as hard as in the past, but it is very important for him to see every single section of his farm. His valuable comments are always given to the farm manager and the workers. As per his philosophy “Only the Best Flowers will leave his farm for the Orchid Lovers”.

  Mr. Wittaya Yukpan, Managing Director, 42 years of age, son of Mr. Suwan. He grew up among the orchid farm and has been working hard side by side with his father. Wittaya was graduated from University of Illinois, Springfield, USA. He is recently at the top management of the company, with full of experience in orchid industry.

     Since the farm is in good hands of his father and his brother, Wittaya is focusing in developing a post-harvest procedure, such as a flower food to extend shelf life of each orchid variety, a proper treatment and pre-cooling. Wittaya has made a lot of travelling to introduce the beauty of Thai Orchid to the people in every part of the world. He is also the guest lecturer in orchid industry field for the university and college’s students.

Siam Flower's Farm
Good Farming Practice
water reservoir
         Good air ventilation and clean water is one most important for growing orchids. Our farm is located in an agricultural area where the environment is perfect for orchid growing. From the total area of 160 acres, 30 acres is full of production. With the concept of environment friendly, we use chemicals as the last choice or as less as possible. Reduction in pesticide and fungicide use is our major objective. We also apply the biological techniques such as using sticky trap or control pest population by enemy insect.

     For our contracted farms, we are working closely together with them. Group meeting is always organized to discuss about new knowledge or growing technique, problem found and proper solution. We always give them the idea of the customer’s requirements and preferences. This is to ensure the highest quality and to fulfill our customer’s need.



incoming flowers
   selection & quality control
packing room
various boxes
   cooling truck to airport
    Orchid flowers are very sensitive after cutting. The temperature control is our main concern. The flowers are transported in the refrigerated truck from farm to the packinghouse. After grading and final quality check by our experienced staffs, they are treated in the modern pre-cool room with the appropriate level of humidity and right temperature. Then the flowers are neatly packed into the strong box for export. To enhance the quality and longevity of orchid, we treat the flowers with our special formula of efficient flower food for individual genera of orchid. Different genera or color needs different formula !!.

     Nowadays the fumigation is required by most of the importing countries. We have the Fumigation Room, set up and approved by the Department of Agriculture, at our site.

     With high reputation in practice, Siam Flower 1985 has been granted the Best Exporter Awards for The Most Outstanding Exporting Company for many consecutive years and certified for the GAP & GMP (Good Agricultural Practice and Good Manufactural Practice)

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